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Dermatologist-approved and clinically researched, PCA SKINĀ® daily care products contain advanced ingredients, such as alpha and beta hydroxy
acids, MMP inhibitors, peptides, antioxidants and advanced botanicals. These sophisticated products are available exclusively through physicians
and highly trained licensed professionals. About Faces Skincare proudly offers these products to our clientele.

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Essential Daily Care Products >

Facial Cleanser Selections
Facial Wash (phaze 1)
Facial Wash oily/problem (phaze 1)
Creamy Cleanser (phaze 41)
BPO 5% Cleanser (phaze 31)
Gentle Exfoliant (phaze 4)
Toners and Balm Selections
Smoothing Toner (phaze 2)
Nutrient Toner (phaze 5)
Silkcoat Balm (phaze 20)
Apres Peel Smoothing Balm (phaze 11) with 0.5% Hydrocortisone
Hydrator Selections
Protecting Hydrator psf 25 (phaze 11)
Hydrator Plus spf 25 (phaze 6+)
Clearskin (phaze 18)
Rebalance (phaze 17) $32.00
Apres Peel Hydrating Balm (phaze 11+)
Collagen Hydrator (phaze 6)
Perfecting Body Hydrator spf 30 (phaze 30)
Pigment and Acne Selections
Pigment Gel (phaze 13)
Pigment Gel hq free (phaze 13)
Acne Gel (phaze 35)
Acne Cream (phaze 33)
Serum Selections
ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum (phaze 25)
C-quench Antioxidant Serum (phaze 15+)
A&C Synergy Serum (phaze 23)
Rejuvenating Serum (phaze 24)
Anti-redness Serum (phaze 42)
Hydrating Serum (phaze 43)
Other Facial Product Selections
Brightening Therapy with TrueTone .25%
C-Strength 15% with 5% Vitamin E (phaze 16)
C-Strength 21% with 5% Vitamin E (phaze 16+)
Retinol Renewal with Restorative Complex (phaze 26)
EyeXcellence (phaze 12)
Purifying Mask (phaze 9)
Peptide Lip Therapy
Men Daily Care Products
Total Wash Face & Body Cleanser
Total Strength Line & Pore Minimizer
Total Defense Calming Hydrator spf 25
Blemish Control Bar (phaze 31)
Dry Skin Relief Bar (phaze 32)
Pigment Bar (phaze 13)